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#171 – Lisa Tener on How to Become a Highly-Paid Ghostwriter

Awarded the Silver Stevie for “Mentor/Coach of the Year” Lisa Tener is an inspiring and empowering book writing and publishing coach, who can help you get your book written, refined, and out into the world, whether you envision a traditional book deal or self-publishing. As a Book Coach, Lisa Tener is known for helping visionaries, experts, entrepreneurs, creatives, healing professionals, therapists, coaches, and others with all aspects of book writing

#167 – Cathy Fyock on How to Turn Your Speech Into a Book

Cathy Fyock, CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, The Biz Book Strategist, provides you with the intensive support you need to get your book DONE. She is the author of On Your Mark: From First Word to First Draft in Six Weeks, Blog2Book: Repurposing Content to Discover the Book You’ve Already Written, The Speaker Author: Sell More Books and Book More Speeches, and the WSJ, USA Today, and Amazon best-seller, Authority.

#166 – Cathy Fyock on How to Turn Your Blog Into a Book

Cathy Fyock, CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, The Biz Book Strategist, provides you with the intensive support you need to get your book DONE. She is the author of On Your Mark: From First Word to First Draft in Six Weeks, Blog2Book: Repurposing Content to Discover the Book You’ve Already Written, The Speaker Author: Sell More Books and Book More Speeches, and the WSJ, USA Today, and Amazon best-seller, Authority.

#165 – Tony Guarnaccia on How Authors Can Create a Podcast Book Tour

Tony Guarnaccia’s mission is to make podcasting profitable for hosts and guests. Tony has grown over 10,000 small businesses and a dozen Fortune 500 companies, including ADP, Ford, and AutoNation and became the Google Partner of the Year. Today, he is focused on bringing that same vision to podcast hosts and guests – to make podcasting profitable.

#163 – Julie Broad on How to Make Your Thought Leadership Book Come Alive!

Julie Broad is an Amazon Overall #1 Best Selling Author, an International Book Award Winner, and recipient of the Beverly Hills Book Award for Best Sales book. Founder of Book Launchers, she started the company to help busy entrepreneurs and professionals build their brand and boost their business by writing, publishing, and selling a top quality book.

#162 – Sam Richter on How Authors Can Find More Speaking Gigs to Sell More Books

Sam Richter is an internationally recognized expert on digital information and is considered the father of modern-day Sales Intelligence. His award-winning experience includes building innovative programs for start-up companies and some of the world’s most famous brands. Sam has been featured in thousands of television and radio programs and national and online publications.

#159 – Henry DeVries on How to Persuade With a Story and a Book

Henry DeVries is the CEO (chief encouragement officer) of Indie Books International, a company he cofounded in 2014. He works with independent consultants who want to attract more high-paying clients by marketing with a book and speech. As a speaker, he trains business development teams and business leaders on how to sell more services by persuading with a story.

#158 – Julia Kuris on How to Design a Creative Book Cover to Grab Attention

Julia Kuris is the founder and creative director of Desginerbility, a branding and design studio in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. It is Julia’s passion to create a clear, concise and consistent brand message for you and your business that excites and dazzles your customers and enables your unique business to be clearly defined in a heavily-saturated market.

#151 – Jacqueline Grant on How to Write Your Book Fast by Using Project Management Techniques

Jacqueline Grant is Founder & Director of The Management Academy, LLC. Her company currently serves entrepreneurs, medium, and large sized businesses, providing full circle business management consulting and professional development courses, workshops, and seminars. She is the author of “What to Expect When Taking the PMP Exam” and “Where are the Risks in Your Organization?”

#150 – Robert Plank on Easy Ways Authors Can Create an Audiobook

Robert Plank is the founder of Done For You Podcasting, host of the Marketer of the Day podcast, and author of WWHW: Why, What, How-To, What-If. He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs create online businesses through 840 podcast episodes, 15 books and 15 online courses. How can YOU use your podcast and book as an advertising, marketing and traffic tool to fulfill your wildest dreams?

#148 – Cindy Tschosik on How to Write a Prescriptive Memoir to Showcase Your Journey to Mental Wellness

At four years old, Cindy Tschosik knew she was called to make the world a better place. As the CEO of SoConnected, Cindyʼs “callings” have come full circle to make a difference in the world. Whether itʼs a story from the stage or an authorʼs story in their book, Cindy and the SoConnected Team is committed to Change Lives. Save Lives. Celebrate Lives! One Story at a Time.

#147 – Barbara Boyd on How Experts Can Write Books

Barbara Boyd is a nurturer by nature — she helps people, projects, and plants grow and flourish. Since 2015, she has helped more than a hundred authors develop their book ideas and edited more than a hundred manuscripts. Barbara has written or co-written a dozen of her own books, too, including Macs All-In-One For Dummies, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pinterest Marketing, and Innovative Presentations For Dummies.

#146 – Chantel Henry on How Can Women Executives Write a Book?

Chantel Henry believes that in everything, there is always a dynamic exchange taking place; in business, conversation, relationships, you name it; a person a selling and someone is buying. Through her experience as a college professor, entrepreneur, and sales representative, she has developed an insatiable appetite to provide value through the art of selling.

#140 – Ken Wachsberger on How Can Authors Negotiate Contracts?

Ken Wachsberger, The Book Coach is Vice President of Marketing, National Speakers Association-Michigan and a Contract Advisor, National Writers Union. He is available for professional contract advising and speaking in front of groups about book contracts as well as book writing and publishing. Ken is the #1 International Bestselling Author and Editor of “You’ve Got the Time: How to Write and Publish That Book in You.”

#139 – Steve Eriksen on How Authors Can Get on Summit Stages

Steve Eriksen is an integration specialist and automations nerd. When Steve hosted a summit for his own coaching business, he couldn’t find a good system to help him run his event. So he used his technical background in the events space, along with his real-world experience as an event host, and created EventRaptor, a system that makes virtual event management easy.

#138 – Wendy Strain on How to Get Feedback on Your Writing

Wendy Strain has been a newspaper journalist, editor, university instructor, tutor, grant writer, and ghostwriter. She now brings that expertise together to help clients tell their stories across multiple formats and platforms – from books to blogs, course content to content marketing. Her special talent is taking big ideas and translating them into everyday language and understandable metaphors.

#137 – Karen Dimmick on How To Design A Fantasy Book Cover

Karen Dimmick of Arcane Covers is a Fantasy and Paranormal book cover designer. She specializes in making genre-specific covers that sell books. She works with both indie authors and one traditional publishing house. There are usually some of her covers in the bestsellers lists and she has also done various re-covers for books already in the top 50 of their category, that have doubled their sales.

#136 – Janice Harper, Ph.D. on How to Write an Irresistible Back Cover for Your Book

Dr. Janice Harper’s writing has been featured in The Huffington Post and Psychology Today. She is the author of several nonfiction books and articles and the ghostwriter of over a dozen memoirs and nonfiction books. Dr. Harper’s expertise has helped beginning and experienced authors turn their stories, ideas, and visions into compelling and prize-winning books.

#134 – Penny Hopkinson on How Do I Structure a Franchise Operations Manual?

Penny Hopkinson is a franchise publishing consultant, content writer, and developmental editor who advises and coaches clients on how best to document their know-how and business systems so that franchisees can follow a franchisor’s proven system. Her expertise encompasses more than 40 years’ experience as sub-editor, copywriter, Editor-in Chief and Managing Editor in the trade, technical, and specialist sector.

#131 – Kim O’Hara on What Is a Book Coach?

It took Kim O’Hara three decades to publish her first book. Yet, she was hardly a slacker. At the age of 25 she had produced her first million dollar movie. She loved making movies because she could lose herself in stories and bring to audiences the empathy evoked by story telling. Today, she has a thriving coaching business, serving dozens of published clients all over the United States.

#130 – Robert Plank on How Do I Create an Audiobook?

Robert Plank is the founder of Done For You Podcasting, host of the Marketer of the Day podcast, and author of WWHW: Why, What, How-To, What-If. He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs create online businesses through 840 podcast episodes, 15 books and 15 online courses. How can YOU use your podcast and book as an advertising, marketing and traffic tool to fulfill your wildest dreams?

#129 – Victoria Andersen on How Do I Write My Memoir that Others Can Relate To?

Victoria Andersen was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, she experienced personal, social, and environmental transformational events, such as the death of her mother, riots, and natural disasters, including a major California earthquake. While running a successful antique business with her husband, she was guided to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico…

#126 – Devin DeVries on How to Fill Your Seminars with LinkedIn

Devin DeVries is Indie Books’ publishing project quarterback. She is responsible for shepherding each book through all the stages of the publishing process and ensuring each author walks away with a book they can be proud of. In addition, she puts her over eight years of web marketing and e-commerce experience to use in helping authors and speakers promote their books through websites and social media.

#125 – Gini Graham Scott on The “Make My Book A Movie Scam” All Authors Need to Know About

Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., has written and published about 200 book – 50 with traditional publishers, 150 through Changemakers Publishing. She has also written and executive produced 6 film projects, which include 4 feature films, a pilot for a TV series, and a documentary, as a co-producer through Changemakers Productions.

#122 – Kris Ward on How to Write Your Book Fast

Kris Ward is the founder of the Win The Hour, Win the Day philosophy. She helps entrepreneurs with productivity and creating their W.I.N Team (what is next) team so you can get your ideas to implementation and make your ambitions come alive!! Kris has been interviewed by one of the original sharks from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington, and ABC’s The Secret Millionaire – James Malinchak.

#121 – Adam Hommey on How to Turn Your Blogs Into a Book

Adam Hommey, Founder and Creator of The Business Creators’ Institute™, helps entrepreneurs and business creators, like you, Emancipate the POWER of INFORMATION™ and WIN at the Game of Business and Marketing™ so you can thrive from the intersection of your brilliance and passion! He is the author of the international Amazon bestselling book Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy

#120 – Barbara Ingrassia on What Authors Need to Know About Copyrights

Barbara C. Ingrassia is the president of Manage Copyright. She is a copyright compliance and content protection strategist, speaker/workshop facilitator, trainer, and digital content licensor. She has studied the “murkiness” of copyright law with the Center for Intellectual Property at the University of Maryland, the Special Libraries Association, Duke University, copyrightlaws.com, and the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School.

#119 – Claudia Volkman on How Authors Can Keep Their Voices

Claudia Volkman is the owner of Creative Editorial Solutions. She has more than thirty-five years of experience in acquisitions, product development, editing, and typesetting, and has worked full-time for several trade publishing houses. Now, as the owner of Creative Editorial Solutions, she assists publishers, authors, entrepreneurs, and speakers with their editorial needs.

#117 – Lou Bortone on Why Every Author Needs to Use Video

People call Lou Bortone “The Video Godfather,” because he’s been doing this a long time, and he’s really damn good at it. He spent 20 years in the television business and another 15 in digital marketing. He’s been doing video marketing since long before it was a “thing.” When it comes to creating your video marketing plan, he guides you through the process, step-by-step, and set you up for success with video.

#114 – Melanie Herschorn on Marketing Strategies Every Author Needs to Know

Melanie Herschorn is a Content Marketing Strategist and Coach on a mission: to support women business owners to land more clients by conquering their content marketing challenges. Through her company, VIP Digital Content, Melanie provides the strategies necessary for her clients to attract their ideal clients, nurture leads, and position themselves as experts in their field.

#113 – Shel Horowitz on Creating a Social Movement With a Book

7 of Shel Horowitz’ 10 books have won one or more awards and/or been translated and republished by publishers in other countries (his US publishers include Simon & Schuster and John Wiley & Sons). A TEDx Talker and International Platform Association Certified Speaker, Shel has given talks like “Impossible Is a Dare” and “Making Green Sexy” as far east as Istanbul and as far west as Honolulu.

#112 – Erik K. Johnson on Why Authors Should Produce Podcasts

There are many podcasts and coaches who teach you the technical side of podcasting. Erik K. Johnson is the premiere coach focused on the art of podcasting. Erik has been near the top of the radio ratings since 2000. He has also coached many others to do the same with even greater success. He is a nationally recognized talent coach, on-air personality, and radio program director.

#108 – Melanie Benson on How to Create Your Podcast Book Tour

Melanie Benson, host of the Amplify Your Success Podcast, is the Expert-preneur’s Authority Amplifier. For 20+ years, online business owners, course creators, authors, speakers, and service professionals have used her proven strategies to STAND OUT in a crowded market, create a magnetic message that generates a flood of ideal leads and exponentially increase revenues by leveraging their Unique Profit Amplifier.

#105 – Judy Weintraub on How to Turn Your Manuscript into a Book

Judy Weintraub is an accomplished entrepreneur, business executive, and attorney and is a bestselling author of The Essentials of Negotiating Effectively and the author of How to Build Successful Business Partnerships. She is the founder of SkillBites, providing book writing and publishing services designed to help business owners and professionals get their books written and published easily and quickly.

#103 – Debbie Allen, Author of The Highly Paid Expert

Debbie Allen, CSP has decades of business experience and innate business skills allow her to see beyond simple solutions, to visualize outcomes and results far into the future. She then lays out a path and a proven process for her clients to follow to ensure they achieve success. She has the ability to relate to entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and sales teams at any level.

#098 – Bryan W. Mattimore, Author of Idea Stormers: How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs

Bryan W. Mattimore is Cofounder and “Chief Idea Guy” of the Growth Engine Company, a twenty-year old innovation and creativity training agency based in Westport. In his marketing consulting career, Bryan has managed over two hundred successful innovation projects, leading to over $3 billion in new sales for one-third of the Fortune 100 companies.

#094 – Rebecca Morgan on Turn Your Slide Presentations into a Book – a Slook!

Rebecca Morgan has authored 28 books, including two bestsellers which have sold 250,000 each. She has been helping improve people’s skills for decades. She works with corporate, small business, and individual clients to enhance their effectiveness and success. She is the inventor of the “slook” – a book based on slide presentations and multimedia.

#093 – Mike Capuzzi on Your 100-Page Book

Mike Capuzzi is an Amazon bestselling author, publisher and coach for business owners and sharp, aggressive entrepreneurs looking to get to the next level in their business. Throughout his 25 years in marketing and 21 years as a consultant, Mike’s diligent and innovative use of High Impact Marketing has consistently surpassed the expectations and outcomes of traditional “corporate” marketing concepts and business strategies for his clients.

#089 – Stephanie Chandler, Creator of The Nonfiction Authors Association

Stephanie Chandler is the founder of the Nonfiction Authors Association and Nonfiction Writers Conference, and author of several books including “The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan” and “The Nonfiction Book Marketing Plan.” A frequent speaker at business events and on the radio, she has been featured in Entrepreneur, BusinessWeek, and Wired magazine.

#085 – Susan Friedmann, CSP, Author of Riches in Niches

Susan Friedmann, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) is a well-respected niche marketing expert who’s on a mission to wipe out sameness and add vitality and differentiation to your author marketing. For over 25 years, through her company, Aviva Publishing, she’s coached over 400 non-fiction authors, to use their books to become the recognized trusted authority in their field.

#084 – Jeff Davidson, Author of Breathing Space

Jeff Davidson, the Work Life Balance Expert®, can move an audience like few others. Jeff offers dynamic learning keynotes and seminar presentations. He combines outstanding content with humor, flair, and inspiration to help listeners manage information and communication overload. Jeff supercharges his audiences to master their to-do lists, manage interruptions, and take action.

#081 – Charmaine Hammond on The Sponsorship Game Plan for Authors

Charmaine Hammond has been in the business of changing lives for more than 25 years. This former Correctional Officer (yup! She worked in jails) and Corporate Dispute Resolution Expert now travels the world teaching the principles of leadership, business success, and collaboration. In business 21 years, she has owned several businesses in Canada and the US.

#075 – Lisa Tener on Write Your Book With a Ghostwriter

Awarded the Silver Stevie for “Mentor/Coach of the Year” by the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, Lisa Tener is an inspiring book writing and publishing coach, author, entrepreneur, and speaker. She has specialized expertise with helping authors write successful book proposals. And one of Lisa’s specialties is referring aspiring authors to high quality ghostwriters to write and publish exceptional books.

#071 – Mari Ryan, Author of The Thriving Hive: How People-Centric Workplaces Ignite Engagement and Fuel Results

Mari Ryan is a workplace well-being strategist guiding organizations to create people-centric workplaces where employees thrive. She has worked with businesses of all sizes from start-ups to global powerhouses such as Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, and Northrup Grumman. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise.

#069 – Leslie Ungar, Author of Horse Talk: Lessons in Leadership for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Everyone In-Between

As president of Electric Impulse Communications, Inc., Leslie Ungar helps individuals and corporations supercharge their leadership. Benefit from Leslie as Coach, Speaker, and Speechwriter. As you listen to and study with Leslie you will hear about how excelling in the horse show ring is similar to excelling in your own area of expertise.

#062 – Carolyn Strauss, Author of The Code: A Man’s Rules for Living Life, Having Fun, and Getting Dressed

Carolyn Strauss has studied and worked with some of the foremost experts in the world on gender communication, transacting in the marketplace, and voice dialogue. Carolyn brings unmatched expertise to serve her clients. She communicates her hard earned knowledge to each of her clients with a keen sense of humor and an engaging delivery.

#060 – Nina Durfee, Author of Say It Simply: 8 Easy Steps to Turn Readers into Clients

For more than 20 years, Nina Durfee has assisted lawyers and judges with her instinctive editorial eye, drafting, editing, and proofreading legal documents and correspondence, knowing full well that a misplaced comma can change the meaning from innocence to guilt. She has authored multiple books, and her work has been showcased in a variety of publications, including Writers’ Journal.