#196 – Donn King on Writing Engaging Business Fables

Donn King is The Confidence Cultivator.

He is a professor of communication studies (which means “a professor of standing up in front of people and saying stuff”).

He’s also a pastor, a speaker, a writer and author, and a communication coach.

Donn works with professionals and leaders just like you who want to speak confidently so they can increase their impact, gain influence, and build their careers.

He has spoken to audiences, churches, and radio audiences across the United States and written numerous newspaper, magazine, and blog articles as well as a textbook.

Tune in now and get Donn King’s thoughts on:

1. What’s the Key to Engaging Business Fables?
o How do you transform business principles into captivating fables?
o What distinguishes an effective business fable from a preachy one?
o Why do emotions and relatable characters play a crucial role in writing engaging fables?

2. Unveiling Personal Connection Through Fables:
o How can personal experiences be incorporated into fictional characters?
o What’s the balance between real-life inspirations and fictional storytelling?
o Why is authenticity important in creating relatable characters in business fables?

3. Creating Impactful Messages:
o How does storytelling enhance the memorability of business principles?
o Why do readers respond more to emotional storytelling than straightforward information?
o What’s the role of creative storytelling in conveying actionable advice?

4. Writing for Transformation and Impact:
o How can writing serve as a transformative tool for personal growth?
o Why is aligning your values with your writing essential for confidence and impact?
o How can writing fables contribute to building credibility and expertise in your field?

5. Personal Journeys and Book Writing:
o How can overcoming personal challenges inspire impactful book writing?
o Why is sharing personal stories valuable for readers seeking inspiration?
o What’s the connection between writing for personal fulfillment and contributing to your audience?

Website: Connection Before Content: King’s Corner