#187 – John Li on How Authors Can Check Their Gut Feelings by Using Surveys

John Li is a co-founder of PickFu and has been a serial entrepreneur for over a decade.

With degrees in Computer Science and a strong product background, John is passionate about building systems that help others succeed.

When not building PickFu, John shuttles his kids around in his dream car (a minivan).

Tune in now and get John Li’s thoughts on:

  • How can authors effectively use PickFu to gather feedback on book covers, titles, or other creative decisions?
  • Stories and case studies of authors who have used PickFu to improve their books’ marketability or appeal?
  • Tips for authors when creating polls on PickFu to ensure they receive valuable and actionable feedback?
  • Specific features or tools within PickFu that authors should take advantage of to optimize their decision-making process?
  • And much, much more

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