#128 – JoAnne Funch on What Content Does LinkedIn Value?

JoAnne Funch has helped professionals become seen and build influence on LinkedIn since 2008.

Her vision is to be more than a resource about how to use the LinkedIn social platform; her goal is to inspire business professionals to think differently about developing a network of valued connections.

JoAnne works with business owners, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders who want to leverage LinkedIn and their relationship-building strategies to gain more exposure for their brand so they ultimately have more impact, income, and credibility.

Tune in now and get JoAnne Funch’s thoughts on:

  • How to get LinkedIn to promote your messages
  • What types of messages LinkedIn wants – and doesn’t want
  • How to use the little-known “DOC” feature
  • How to use the little-known “Events” feature
  • And much, much more!

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