#194 – David Newman on How Authors Can Get People to Take Action on Their Webinars and Podcasts

David Newman is well-known in speaking and marketing circles for his consulting and coaching. He is the author of “Do It Selling,” “Do It Speaking,” and “Do It Marketing.”

His company works with thought-leading entrepreneurs. That category includes consultants, corporate trainers, executive coaches, corporate facilitators–whoever’s in the business of expertise, and they’re selling B to B.

For information, free resources, free training, and the “Do It Marketing Manifesto,” a free 37-page PDF, visit David’s website at the link below.

Tune in now and get David Newman’s thoughts on:

  • How to get people to act – even if they don’t listen to the entire presentation
  • How to get people to act – even if they don’t attend your session
  • And much, much more

Website: Do It! Marketing