#067 – S. Paul Moehring, Author of Get Squared: Goal Getting with Balance

S. Paul Moehring is a Certified Business Coach, Speaker, and Author.

His knowledge, expertise, and coaching abilities aid to the success of small business owners; from personal achievements to their professional development.

His experience covers over two decades of guiding and coaching new business owners. His services provide support every step of the way; from business plan development to advanced-level coaching, he is committed to helping you develop strategies to achieve your goals.


  • I have written 10 to 15 outlines for over 15 years for books. The problem was it wasn’t a high enough priority. I made it a priority.
  • I’d go to the golf course an hour early and write. After an hour I told myself I deserved to golf now. That got me into the habit of writing.
  • If you read your book 15 times, you’ll still miss a typo.
  • My editor helped me not look foolish. When you write a sentence, it might not make sense. An editor with the right eye picks those out.
  • It’s not worth arguing with a copy editor. They are always right.
  • If there’s a typo in a book, some readers will be turned off.
  • We use the book as the first step in our coaching relationship.

Book: Get Squared: Goal Getting with Balance (Amazon Hardcover/Paperback/Kindle)

Website: Reaching New Heights