#092 – Liz J Springer on Revising Your Book

Liz J Springer is the Innovative Strategist specializing in business strategy and video marketing techniques and her industry experience spans over 15 years.

She is an author, speaker, and she has her own podcast show “Innovators Influence” and a video marketing agency. She is also a business and video funnel coach helping businesses to get their message across using the power of video.

Liz brings her vast expertise in business strategy, growth marketing strategies, video marketing techniques and organizational change in consultancy, working with a broad-range of clients in the fields of education and health, transport, oil and gas, information technology, investments, finance, retail, media, and e-commerce.

Among her clients have been the Central Bank of Nigeria, British Airways, Transport For London, Cazenove, Prevista and West London universities, Equazen, and Rethink.


  • When you revise your book, ask yourself, “What is currently trending? What is coming in big time? What is evolving? Think futuristically.”
  • Your book gives people a view of your personality.
  • I needed to revise my book because of changes in digital marketing and social media.
  • Give your reader action steps to complete so they aren’t just reading. They are implementing.
  • To launch the book, I spoke at a business event and sold books at the back of the room.
  • Everything in the book takes readers down a path that turns them into coaching clients.

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