#086 – Jim Kerr on Writing a Business Fable Book

James M. Kerr is the founder of Indispensable Consulting and author of Indispensable: Build and Lead a Company Customers Can’t Live Without, which is his 6th business book.

He specializes in supporting inspired leaders achieve their vision for the future. He does this by co-creating solutions with them and their team of experts that enables his clients to become the company customers can’t live without.

Jim is an expert in the development and implementation of multi-faceted change initiatives centered on strategic plans, culture redesign and organizational effectiveness. He enjoys forging new ideas and devising practical solutions to client’s broadly relevant business problems, while shape-shifting them into opportunities for their success.


  • Do you want to hire the guy who wrote the book, or the guy who read the book?
  • A good business fable book uses the hero’s journey.
  • Why use a fable? I wanted to help anyone who leads others and not just in business. There are leaders in the community, high school student leaders, and municipal government leaders that might appreciate gleaning leadership tips from an easy to consume fable that highlights the points.
  • After all, from the earliest of ages we all learn from fables.
  • I used bold faced text for the key points and chapter summaries. Many points would be lost if I didn’t. My book has over 60 leadership ideas. I want my book to be referenced again and again by those who read it.
  • The book has sound fundamentals. The key is that they are all summarized in one place in my book.
  • “Who Moved My Cheese,” set the tone for this genre of business fable books.

Book: INDISPENSABLE: Build and Lead A Company Customers Can’t Live Without (Amazon Hardcover/Kindle)

Website: Indispensable Consulting