#012 – Susan RoAne, Author of How to Work a Room

When there is a need to be comfortable, confident, and effective in every room; Susan RoAne® provides the tools and techniques that create the connections and collaboration that build business relationships.

Susan RoAne®, Mingling Maven is the leading international authority and original expert on How to Work a Room®.

Her best-selling books, popular interactive presentations, and media interviews help people, companies and organizations successfully develop, build, and manage client relationships that increase business growth.


  • One good idea can be the basis for a useful book.
  • What “not to do” is as useful information as what “to do.”
  • An enchanting title can sell a book and launch your career.
  • The book is my business.
  • You’d be surprised how many influential people you know through your contacts.
  • Your book should answer people’s questions.

Book: How to Work a Room (Amazon Paperback/Kindle)

Website: Susan RoAne