#131 – Kim O’Hara on What Is a Book Coach?

It took Kim O’Hara three decades to publish her first book. Yet, she was hardly a slacker.

At the age of 25 she had produced her first million dollar movie.

She loved making movies because she could lose herself in stories and bring to audiences the empathy evoked by story telling.

She loved reading books as a child – it was an escape from the abuse – and in movie producing she was always looking for that next great book to bring to the screen.

Today, she has a thriving coaching business, serving dozens of published clients all over the United States.

Tune in now and get Kim O’Hara’s thoughts on:

  • What is a book coach?
  • Who needs a book coach?
  • What does a book coach do?
  • How do you find a book coach?
  • What questions should you ask a book coach before hiring one?
  • How do you get off to a good start working with a book coach?
  • How should a book coach get off to a good start working with a client?
  • And much, much more!

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