#072 – Weston Lyon on Turn Your Manuscript Into a Published Book

Weston Lyon is Founder of Plug & Play Publishing which helps coaches, consultants, speakers, and education-based service providers write and publish books to position themselves as authorities in their field and grow their business.

He is the author of 19 books (including his newest book, Stop Chasing Prospects), has given over 480 presentations, and is the Founder of Plug & Play Publishing.

Weston started his entrepreneurial journey in 2000 after dropping out of college (going into his senior year!) to start my first business. Risky? You bet. But, if you know Weston, he wouldn’t change any of it because it led him to where he is now!

Since 2000, Weston has seen his share of successes and failures. He’s been involved in multiple businesses; ranging from skin care, to janitorial services, to gift incentive sales, to fitness coaching, to marketing and publishing.

In 2005, Weston wrote his first book, Use It To Lose It (a fitness workbook). Between 2008-2009 Weston went on a writing rampage and wrote 9 books in 11 months! That little act of lunacy led him to start Plug & Play Publishing.

When Weston is not working, he’s enjoying life with his son, family, and friends, training in an array of martial arts, or out on the mountain bike trails.


  • There are 639 steps in the publishing process – from writing, to publishing, to marketing.
  • Have a professional design your book cover. A book cover sells books.
  • Our editors go through a book 2 or 3 times. Our goal is to make your book the best it can be.
  • You need to create a book that readers say, “I can read that book.” 400 pages is too long. Shoot for 130 printed pages. If you have 50 pages in Word (in 1.25 line spacing), you’ll have 100 pages in a printed book.
  • Covers can be image driven with your head shot, or word driven. It depends on what you are going for.
  • Don’t use your logo colors on your book cover. People might see your book as a marketing tool instead of as an educational product. You want the book to position your as an expert.
  • There are five ways to design a back cover.

Website: Plug & Play Publishing