#186 – Ken Lizotte on New Trends in the Speaking Industry that Authors Need to be Aware Of

Ken Lizotte is Chief Imaginative Officer (CIO) and founder of emerson consulting group inc., a consulting firm that transforms individual business experts, companies, executives, law firms, and professional services firms into “thoughtleaders.”

Since 1996, emersongroup has guided over 350 “client thoughtleaders” toward publication of books and articles, toward speaking opportunities at targeted business events and toward media opportunities such as print interviews and guest appearances on business radio and podcasts.

Tune in now and get Ken Lizotte’s thoughts on:

  • What are the latest trends in the speaking industry that authors need to be aware of?
  • What skills and qualities do authors need to have to be successful speakers in today’s market?
  • What are some strategies authors can use to promote themselves as speakers and build their personal brand?
  • And much, much more

Website: Emerson Consulting Group, Inc.

Book: The Speaker’s Edge, Second Edition