#146 – Chantel Henry on How Can Women Executives Write a Book?

Chantel Henry believes that in everything, there is always a dynamic exchange taking place; in business, conversation, relationships, you name it; a person a selling and someone is buying.

Through her experience as a college professor, entrepreneur, and sales representative, she has developed an insatiable appetite to provide value through the art of selling.

Tech sales in particular is a passion of Chantel’s, because she’s seen just how important technology supports the world and enterprises. By using tech software in her business, they were able to grow their revenue by 300% during a global pandemic.

Tune in now and get Chantel Henry’s thoughts on:

  • How women executives who are leaving their jobs to pursue their passions can gain confidence to write a book
  • The secret to writing a book that can change the world
  • How to make your book stand out
  • Why your story matters
  • And much, much more!

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