#001 – David Newman, Author of Do It! Marketing

David Newman, Author of “Do It! Marketing”, specializes in working with speakers, authors, consultants, and independent professionals who want to stop throwing money into a marketing black hole and attract, engage, and win more clients.


  • Is your thought leadership book genuinely useful to your prospects?
  • You have to have professional help to produce your book.
  • I wish I had a good book in my arsenal way earlier than I did.
  • If you think of the book as a 3-dimensional lead magnet, the book will help you for many years.
  • Write the book that is in alignment with the work you want to do.
  • The book is the easy pass to visibility, credibility and wealth.
  • You have to put hooks into the book that inspire people to join your lists.

Book: Do It! Marketing (Amazon Paperback/Kindle)

Website: Do It! Marketing