#198 – Carol Abrahamson on What Kinds of Books Can I Write?

Carol Abrahamson has been thinking about how experts and thought leaders can monetize their book and expertise since her first book brought her one-person business over $2 million in consulting revenues, and over 100 of the country’s largest corporations as clients.

Her company, Executive Authors, has a consulting program that introduces experts and authors to 100 powerhouse marketing tactics — including book awards.

She’s now developing related workbooks, courses, and a 12-month mentoring mastermind group for bringing these chosen action items to life.

Fun Fact: Steve Jobs and Apple became Carol’s first consulting client before her business even had a name.

All because someone she knew in a previous corporate job had since joined Apple’s management team.

That experience made her an inveterate networker who keeps in touch with hundreds of former colleagues — just in case she can spark for someone else, or can again be the recipient of, the same kind of game-changing lucky break!

Tune in now and get Carol Abrahamson’s thoughts on:

  • What exactly is a book type?
  • Is there a technique or trick to the process of choosing a type for your book?
  • How do you make them manageable for aspiring authors to consume and make sense of so they can build a short list of favorites?
  • Let’s review some in a handful of categories…
  • And much, much more!

Website: Executive Authors