#106 – Cloris Kylie on How to Sell More Books with Podcasts

Cloris Kylie, MBA, is the bestselling author of “Beyond Influencer Marketing” and host of the top-rated “Beyond Influencer Marketing” podcast.

With a background in industrial engineering and digital marketing, she helps expertise-based entrepreneurs build authority, grow their list, and get ideal clients by collaborating with influencers.

She has been featured on platforms with millions of followers including network TV, top-ranked podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs.

Her motto is “Reveal Your Magnificence”.


  • Authors appearing on podcasts must have to have a clear call to action. Saying, “Oh, just check out my website to learn more about me,” is not enough. You have to send people to that page with a lead magnet. That will multiply your results.
  • A consultant or a coach who goes on a podcast should offer an assessment as a lead magnet. People will rate where they’re at and become aware of their gaps. If people get an “aha moment.” Then you can say, “Well, now if you want to learn exactly how this works, then get in touch with me. You will have a much, much better response.
  • Authors should go onto podcasts wanting to deliver as much value as possible. I remember a coach told me that she didn’t want to share her system. When you share as much as you can, you’ll be seen as an expert, and you’ll gain trust.
  • I see a lot of authors saying, “My book. You know when you read my book. But they don’t say the name of the book. Every time you say “the book,” say the name of your book.
  • Two mistakes authors make on podcasts: either they speak for too long without letting the host talk, or they have very short answers. You have to find that balance right in the middle where you give valuable sound bites, examples, and case studies, but then you also have a conversation.
  • Researching podcasts should not be your job. I have a list of criteria that I can give to a virtual assistant so they can find podcasts that could be a perfect fit. All you have to do is find a hook for the shows.
  • I think the easiest way to get rapport with a podcast audience is to say their biggest challenge. Talk about those challenges so that they feel that you understand them. People buy from you, not because of your sales skills but because they feel understood. They feel that you get them. So that’s what you got to do when you’re a podcast guest.

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