#212 – Kathy A. Norris on How Non-Fiction Authors Can Use Fiction Techniques to Improve Their Stories and Books

Kathy Antoinette Norris is an African American novelist whose works are informed by coming of age during the civil rights and feminist movements of the 1970’s.

Her short stories have appeared in three anthologies.

Kathy hosts a podcast, “The Quill & The Quantum: AI & Writing Craft” which explores the intersection of artificial intelligence and the craft of writing.

Kathy is a member and has served on the Board of Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles.

She is also a member of Crime Writers of Color, an organization supporting and celebrating diverse mystery, thriller, and suspense writers.

Kathy was born and raised in Los Angeles, and, as the child of educators, fell in love with reading at an early age.

She didn’t realize the life-changing, earth-quaking power of language until she read Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye as a freshman at Wellesley College.

In Morrison’s protagonist Pecola Breedlove, Kathy recognized her own story in print.

The feminist movement of the early 70’s led Kathy to a fascination with powerful women.

Her works, whether in short story or novel format, tend to center on strong women of color.

Tune in now and get Kathy A. Norris’ thoughts on:

  • How to use fiction techniques to spice up your non-fiction books
  • Why conflict is so important in story telling
  • How to write compelling characters
  • The correct way to use dialog and dialog tags
  • And much, much more!

Website: Kathy A. Norris: Author, Podcaster, Eternal Optimist!