#158 – Julia Kuris on How to Design a Creative Book Cover to Grab Attention

Julia Kuris is the founder and creative director of Desginerbility, a branding and design studio in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

For the past 15 years she’s had the privilege to lead the strategic and creative direction of multiple projects for national and international brands.

Julia has an insatiable curiosity to know what matters to her client’s customers.

She wants to know what drives, excites, and empowers people to pick a certain brand over another.

Your brand and its identity are crucial in the decision making of consumers, something which is often overlooked by business owners.

It is this customer-centric approach that enables Julia to build highly visible, unique, distinctive, memorable, and much-loved brands which increase your profits.

Having a distinct and definite brand identity that is aligned with your target audience is the ultimate secret to your brand’s success.

It is Julia’s passion to create a clear, concise and consistent brand message for you and your business that excites and dazzles your customers and enables your unique business to be clearly defined in a heavily-saturated market.

Tune in now and get Julia Kuris’ thoughts on:

  • The key elements of an eye-grabbing book cover
  • Why your book cover can greatly impact your initial launch as well as your ongoing sales
  • How to align your book cover with your brand identity and attract your target audience
  • And much, much more!

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