#184 – Michael Whitehouse on How Authors Can Sell More Books at Virtual Events

Michael Whitehouse is The Virtual Event Guy.

Having run events since 1996, he was fascinated by the potential of virtual events when everything went online in 2020.

The events he saw were often dull, unengaging, and little better than a YouTube playlist, and he wanted better so he started running his own.

Focusing on interaction over opt-ins, he creates events which are a truly human experience across a virtual platform.

Attendees (and speakers) come away with new connections, new ideas, and often new prospects and partners.

Now, he runs these highly interactive, powerful, and fun events for clients to reach their audience with their message.

Tune in now and get Michael Whitehouse’s thoughts on:

  • Why virtual events are so important
  • How to find and contact the most influential summit producers
  • What you should say in your presentation
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Tips for success
  • And much, much more

Website: Michael Whitehouse – The Virtual Event Guy