#210 – Erik Huberman on How Busy Executives Can Find the Time to Write a Book – And Profit

Erik Huberman is the founder and CEO of Hawke Media, the highly successful marketing agency known as Your Outsourced CMO® that’s helped grow over 3,000 brands worldwide, and is valued at more than $150 million.

His highly-anticipated first book, The Hawke Method, demonstrates that marketing is more than a numbers game: calculations for business growth and sustainability go far beyond systemic analysis.

His voice is both accessible and humorous as he reveals the details of his successes and failures, from his first entrepreneurial venture at age nine to running a $150M business.

Erik’s work appears across top-tier publications like Rolling Stone, Forbes, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Inc., and more as well as on Hawke Media’s Insights blog.

In addition, he is a lauded recipient of a number of honors and awards, including: Forbes 30 Under 30, CSQ’s 40 Under 40, Inc. Magazine’s Top 25 Marketing Influencers, The International Business Awards’ Entrepreneur of the Year, and a Telly Award for the Hawke Media commercial he co-wrote and starred in.

Tune in now and get Erik Huberman’ thoughts on:

  • Why Erik decided to write a book
  • How he found the time to write the book
  • How much time it actually took to write the book
  • Why you need to work with a book coach and editor to finish the book
  • The toughest part about creating a book
  • How the book attracted new clients
  • And much, much more!

Website: Hawke Media