#058 – Milo Shapiro, Author of Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!

Milo Shapiro has been coaching and running corporate classes in public speaking skills since 2004. He meets San Diego clients both in person and remotely (ie: Zoom).

His interactive programs use improvisation games, story sharing, and even “Simon Says” to wake up the house and make an impact through his uplifting blend of play and information.

Milo’s program on improving our personal relationship with risk and failure has been called “a wake-up call for America” that leads us in seeing and changing how we limit ourselves when we attempt to be perfect.

Attendees recall lessons better when learned through fun like this; they’ll leave eager to return for more.


  • You can tell only so many stories in your keynotes. I thought I should write a book that included my many others stories that also had life lessons. We can learn and grow from a story.
  • If you want people to take you seriously, being a published author gives you credibility that can lead to speaking, coaching, and job offers as well as pre-convincing the people you do speak to that you have expertise.
  • I found other books on my topic were boring! I wanted to make mine fun and interesting. Be playful. Using humor makes a difference.
  • I first created a list of all the chapter topics that I wanted that would be interesting and fun. Then I created a Top Ten points list to go with each chapter heading. Then I went back and wrote about each of those points in detail.
  • I self published my book because I knew my sales would mostly be from my speaking engagements in back of the room sales. Plus I wanted the book faster than I’d likely find a conventional publisher.
  • People heard my speech and asked, “Is it appropriate for teens?” That inspired my next book especially for teens.
  • I had teens to proofread my book to see if they understood all of my references and changed ones that they didn’t understand or relate to.

Book: Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s! (Multiple Retailers)

Website: Improventures and Public Dynamics