#041 – Richard Citrin and Michael A. Couch, Authors of Strategy-Driven Leadership

Richard Citrin, Ph.D., MBA brings more than 25 years of business leadership and consulting experience to his clients and their organizations. He is one of those rare individuals who bridges strategy, keen insight and a tell it like it is attitude with practical suggestions that can be immediately put into play.

Michael A. Couch’s unique background in organization effectiveness, business management, and operations allows him to partner with senior leadership, wear many hats, and collaborate with people throughout an organization, building work cultures that have a positive impact on the bottom line.


  • I like teamwork. I find it more enjoyable and fun to work with people. Writing by yourself can be lonely.
  • The content was enriched because there were two of us. I learned more by working with someone else.
  • To work effectively with a co-author, be transparent, stick to the plan (outline) and hire a book coach who knows the publishing process.
  • Respect each co-author’s strengths. Know yourself well enough to ask for help.
  • The thought leader has the final say.
  • Learn to let go. If something isn’t working let go it of it if it doesn’t click.
  • Recognize the book is a collaboration. You have to work at the relationship. Be intentional and have fun. You can forge a friendship.

Book: Strategy-Driven Leadership (Amazon Hardcover/Kindle)

Website: Citrin Consulting

Website: Michael Couch & Associates