#048 – Mark Faust, Author of Growth or Bust!

Since Echelon Management’s inception in 1990, Mark Faust has conducted hundreds of sessions for clients from companies such as Apple, IBM, Monsanto, Cable & Wireless, John Deere, P&G, Syngenta, Bayer, government agencies, nonprofits, and a host of small to mid-sized companies including many multi-generational family owned companies.

Faust has been an adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati and Ohio University and he has held the roles of adjunct COO and VP as well as being an active member on several board of directors. His book Growth or Bust! has been a #1 best seller in the business section of one region of Barnes & Noble.


  • The book is the key that opens the door to the executive suite.
  • White papers are good, but nothing beats a book. I knew immediately I’d have more credibility with a book.
  • Clients will tell you how your book stands out from all others.
  • Anyone can talk about their topic of expertise for 2-5 minutes, which is enough material to fill a subtopic in your book.
  • At every speech, I try to get the book covered in the speaking fee.
  • The more people who have the book, the more synergy it creates. I signed a big client after one of their people got my book at a speech and passed it around.
  • You can give people step-by-step directions, but people still need your help to adapt your methods to their situation.

Book: Growth or Bust! (Amazon Paperback/Kindle)

Website: Echelon Management