#138 – Wendy Strain on How to Get Feedback on Your Writing

Wendy Strain has been a newspaper journalist, editor, university instructor, tutor, grant writer, and ghostwriter.

She now brings that expertise together to help clients tell their stories across multiple formats and platforms – from books to blogs, course content to content marketing.

Her special talent is taking big ideas and translating them into everyday language and understandable metaphors.

Her passions are making new friends, seeing new places, and exploring ideas while fighting for the empowerment of people and the preservation of our environment.

Tune in now and get Wendy Strain’s thoughts on:

  • What does it mean to write with community?
  • Are you saying you have to have co-authors?
  • Why is writing with community important?
  • What are some ways writers can write with community?
  • Does this work even for ghostwriters who have to protect the content of their work?
  • Where are some good writing communities writers could think about joining?
  • And much, much more!

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