#149 – Maruxa Murphy on How Can Authors Create a Writing Community? (Part 1)

There is nothing worse than having a vision for a brand experience – where your clients, customers and users are engaged, buying more programs and products, referring your business to so many people and…

Not know how to turn your vision into reality.

You are deeply proud of your work, of your products/services, and your message is amazing!

However, the idea of actually getting your clients, customers and users engaged with the programs and products and then growing their relationship with your brand…It is outside your wheelhouse and the idea that it can happen feels like a pipe dream.

What if there was a solution to support you once and for all to get momentum with growing your online community?

Maruxa “Muh-roo-shah” Murphy is a Culture and Community Architect for companies that want to use their platform to bring more good into the world.

Over the past 20 years, she has helped 100+ brands develop and grow their communities as their advisor and consultant.

Tune in now and get Maruxa Murphy’s thoughts on:

  • Why is community important?
  • What’s the ROI of community?
  • What is the #1 reason you’ve seen why communities fail?
  • What it takes to build a community to create six to seven-figure revenue streams
  • 2 types of communities that generate revenue
  • What you need to know to map out your customer journey to easily attract and guide your perfect customers?
  • And much, much more!

Website: [Checklist] How To Create An Additional 6-Figures With A Profitable Community In 2022