#169 – Angela Ackerman on How to Add Emotions to the Characters in Your Book

Angela Ackerman is co-author of 6 best-selling writing guides and enjoys sharing her passion for storytelling with writers across the globe.

A writing coach and international speaker, Angela believes that writers should never stop striving to learn and grow.

Her desire to help writers in new, innovative ways is a love she shares with Becca Puglisi and Lee Powell and led to a powerful collaboration that became One Stop for Writers®.

In the fiction realm, Angela is sowing her wild oats, playing around with darker themes and interesting plot twists.

While her preferred audience is middle grade and young adult, lately she’s been toying with trying an adult thriller on for size.

A Canadian residing near the Rockies, she enjoys traveling with her family, exploring unusual places, collecting zombie lawn gnomes (don’t ask), and she believes life is too short for boring socks.

More importantly, Angela is all about helping others, and she strives to pay it forward however she can.

Tune in now and get Angela Ackerman’s thoughts on:

  • Why you need to add emotions to your characters
  • How to easily get deep into the motivations of your characters
  • How to create realistic settings and dialogs
  • And much, much more!

Website: One Stop for Writers®