#078 – Kimberly Hobscheid on Turn Your Book Into an Audiobook

Kimberly Hobscheid is co-founder of I’m Hearing Stories which connects authors, narrators, speakers, and listeners.

Her mission is to get entrepreneurs seen and heard in a huge way – from live stages to podcasts, web summits, and TV.

Because if you aren’t being seen, you’re being overlooked! Let her get you connected and out on stages, live and online, so that you can get your message out and stop being overlooked!


  • Create a business around what you love doing.
  • One third of people love reading books. One third of people love listening to audio books. One third of people will do both.
  • Some voice over artists charge about $200 per “finished audio hour.” Others use a royalty share model of 50/50.
  • A book with 30,000 words would be an audio book of four hours.
  • Audio book rights are sold separately from print and ebook rights. If you have a deal with a major publisher, be sure to retain your audio rights.
  • About 10 percent of readers finish a print book. But 80 percent of readers finish an audio book.
  • If you want to get your material inside other human beings, then one of the best ways is through an audio book.
  • Only 1 in 20 books are turned into audio books, so audio books have less competition.

Website: I’m Hearing Stories – Producing Audiobooks for Authors