#201 – Rusti Lehay on Trusting Your First Draft and Overcoming Writer’s Block

Just as editors do more than splash your text with missing commas, writing coaches do more than tell you to write.

They are a bit like doulas helping you birth your books and stories.

If you have questions, we’ll share the answers or find them for you.

Rusti coaches authors to find the words that their hearts speak.

Working as an empath, she guides writers to open up to what their story is and the most authentic way for them to share it, helping them place the right words at the right time for all the right reasons.

Sometimes a book and sometimes Rusti helps you discover many other ways to best use your story and plant your words to meet your strategic objectives.

Words exist in her blood and bones.

She specializes in helping you find, craft, and tweak yours!

Tune in now and get Rusti Lehay’s thoughts on:

  • Why should authors trust their first draft, even when it may seem imperfect?
  • How can writers overcome the daunting blank page and writer’s block to start their creative process?
  • What role does rewriting and revision play in turning a first draft into a polished work?
  • How can bending prompts to your will help you discover unexpected and intriguing story angles?
  • What is the importance of consistent practice and trusting your own storytelling abilities in becoming a proficient writer?
  • And much, much more!

Website: Rusti Lehay