#181 – Marjory Wildcraft on How to Get a Six-Figure Advance From a Major Publisher

Bestselling author Marjory Wildcraft is the author of “The Grow System: True Health, Wealth, and Happiness Come from the Ground.”

She is an expert on sustainable living and the founder and CEO of The Grow Network, the online home of a global network of people dedicated to self-reliance, community, and protecting the planet through homegrown food.

Tune in now and get Marjory Wildcraft’s thoughts on:

  • How Marjory built her platform to get the attention of publishers
  • What publishers are really looking for when they decide to buy a book
  • How to make your proposal stand out
  • How an unknown author can sign with a major literary agent
  • Tips for success
  • And much, much more

Website: The Grow Network