#036 – Mark Amtower, Author of Selling to the Government

Mark Amtower is a consultant, speaker, business best-selling author, columnist and radio host. He is among the most recognized and quoted professionals in the government market.

Guy Timberlake dubbed him “the Godfather of government marketing” and the industry veteran Bob Gosselin called him the “best of the best of government marketing gurus.”

Mark was selected by BtoB magazine as one of the Top 100 Business Marketers in the United States 2008 and his LinkedIn profile was selected as one of the seven best (out of 50 million) in the 2009 contest, Rock the World with Your Online Presence.

In 2018, he was awarded the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Government Marketing.

Mark advises small, medium and large companies on all facets of marketing to the government. He specializes in helping companies develop thought leadership positions in a defined niche and leveraging social media to gain targeted visibility in the government contracting market.

His expertise in both marketing to the government and LinkedIn makes him a sought after consultant, keynote, luncheon and workshop speaker.


  • I recorded my 3.5 hour workshop. That became the basis for my book.
  • The editing experience is most important. An editor cleans it up and makes it hum. Get a second set of eyes. I call it “adult supervision.”
  • The story is my way to illustrate how things get done.
  • I’m constantly making notes so when the perfect phrase pops into my head, I’m ready to write it down.
  • Books are not going to make you rich. But they are the best door opener you can ever have if you write a good book.
  • I write to make sure I understand my thought process.
  • I get ideas from my clients, the market, Google Alerts, and other newsletters. There’s always something interesting.
  • When I see a marketing tactic, I ask, “Can it work in my market?”
  • What do you do best? Will it make money? Are you passionate about this topic?
  • Every market niche morphs. What isn’t covered well?

Book: Selling to the Government (Amazon Hardcover/Kindle)

Website: Amtower & Company