#054 – Per Sjorfors, The Price Whisperer™

Per Sjorfors is the Founder of Atenga Insights. Pricing has always been an interest area for Per.

He appears regularly on business radio shows and gets quoted regularly in the financial press, including Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Inc., Industry Week, Business Insider, and the Financial Times.

Prior to Atenga, Per had more than 25 years of executive management experience where he gained an appreciation for the importance of optimal pricing.

He used pricing as the leaver to turn around several European and US companies, and while setting up a number of Joint Venture companies in Asia he gained additional insight into pricing practices from a global perceptive.


  • When you write a book you become the thought leader and people want to do business with you.
  • You can’t just jump into your topic from the deep end. You have to take the reader through a journey from the basics to being well educated.
  • Case studies need to be emotional.
  • Case studies follow a simple format: Show the problem. Show the solution. Show the results.
  • My first draft was a jumble of things I said this is not going to work. How do I ease my readers into the topic so they aren’t overwhelmed.
  • Tell stories. People are hardwired to learn from stories.
  • To get more business from the book, I plan to give the book away, and promote the book on social media, my website and speaking. When you have a book, there are ample opportunities to promote the book when you speak.

Website: Atenga Insights

Website: Per Sjorfors