#097 – Christine Monaghan on Reverse Engineer Your Book

Christine Monaghan is your human-potential champion! She believes stress is optional and when understood sources fresh potential in life. She IS a master motivator, influencing the next best version of you. She will nudge you through resistance, fear, old habits to get from where you are to where you crave to be with fresh vibrancy and opportunities.

She provides individuals and organizations with solution-based approaches to 100% focus on what you do want! Implement her proven success principles from training with sought-after international professional-development leaders plus; access her eclectic business and life acumen; learn powerfully methodical, simple systems which work; slow down to move ahead with the 3C’s of Communication. Your ability to RESET anytime with ease is her desired result for you.


  • I reverse engineered my book. I started with the last chapter and worked backwards.
  • I gave myself a challenge. You have six months to write a book or throw it in the garbage. I love challenges.
  • Create the date you want the book to be done. That’s your commitment. Then carve out a time to write each week. You have to treat it like a business. It makes the impossible into an imaginable.
  • I had to curb the monkey mind and allow my ideas to flow. You can’t filter your thoughts. You have to be truthful with yourself.
  • A book comes to life as you write it.
  • A clean, blank canvass can be overwhelming.
  • A book doesn’t have to be perfect.

Website: RESET Coach / eLearning Consultant