#139 – Steve Eriksen on How Authors Can Get on Summit Stages

Steve Eriksen is an integration specialist and automations nerd.

In his previous role as the Chief Technology Officer for Mary Morrissey, an 8-figure life coach certification organization, he was responsible for all the tech that went into their events with thousands of attendees.

When Steve hosted a summit for his own coaching business, he couldn’t find a good system to help him run his event.

So he used his technical background in the events space, along with his real-world experience as an event host, and created EventRaptor, a system that makes virtual event management easy.

With Steve’s unique blend of business, development and technical background, he’s uniquely positioned to create a product that is both wanted and needed by the world’s virtual event organizer and coaching communities.

Tune in now and get Steve Eriksen’s thoughts on:

  • Where can you post your profile?
  • Who will see your profile?
  • Why should you appear on summits?
  • How can you stand out from the other authors and experts?
  • What can you say during your presentation to bond with the audience?
  • What to avoid saying so you don’t bomb your presentation
  • And much, much more!

Website: EventRaptor