Top Business Leaders

#134 – Penny Hopkinson on How Do I Structure a Franchise Operations Manual?

Penny Hopkinson is a franchise publishing consultant, content writer, and developmental editor who advises and coaches clients on how best to document their know-how and business systems so that franchisees can follow a franchisor’s proven system. Her expertise encompasses more than 40 years’ experience as sub-editor, copywriter, Editor-in Chief and Managing Editor in the trade, technical, and specialist sector.

#131 – Kim O’Hara on What Is a Book Coach?

It took Kim O’Hara three decades to publish her first book. Yet, she was hardly a slacker. At the age of 25 she had produced her first million dollar movie. She loved making movies because she could lose herself in stories and bring to audiences the empathy evoked by story telling. Today, she has a thriving coaching business, serving dozens of published clients all over the United States.

#130 – Robert Plank on How Do I Create an Audiobook?

Robert Plank is the founder of Done For You Podcasting, host of the Marketer of the Day podcast, and author of WWHW: Why, What, How-To, What-If. He has helped thousands of entrepreneurs create online businesses through 840 podcast episodes, 15 books and 15 online courses. How can YOU use your podcast and book as an advertising, marketing and traffic tool to fulfill your wildest dreams?

#129 – Victoria Andersen on How Do I Write My Memoir that Others Can Relate To?

Victoria Andersen was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, she experienced personal, social, and environmental transformational events, such as the death of her mother, riots, and natural disasters, including a major California earthquake. While running a successful antique business with her husband, she was guided to move to Albuquerque, New Mexico…

#126 – Devin DeVries on How to Fill Your Seminars with LinkedIn

Devin DeVries is Indie Books’ publishing project quarterback. She is responsible for shepherding each book through all the stages of the publishing process and ensuring each author walks away with a book they can be proud of. In addition, she puts her over eight years of web marketing and e-commerce experience to use in helping authors and speakers promote their books through websites and social media.