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#213 – Dan Janal on 10 Things I Wish I Knew About Ghostwriting (Before I Became a Ghostwriter)

Dan Janal is the author of more than a dozen books, an award-winning daily newspaper reporter and editor, a highly engaging speaker, and host of the award-winning podcast Write Your Book in a Flash with Dan Janal. Dan provides book coaching, developmental editing, and ghostwriting services to successful business professionals and healthcare providers. He is passionate about helping people become successful and reach their highest potential.

#212 – Kathy A. Norris on How Non-Fiction Authors Can Use Fiction Techniques to Improve Their Stories and Books

Kathy Antoinette Norris is an African American novelist whose works are informed by coming of age during the civil rights and feminist movements of the 1970’s. Her short stories have appeared in three anthologies. Kathy hosts a podcast, “The Quill & The Quantum: AI & Writing Craft” which explores the intersection of artificial intelligence and the craft of writing.

#210 – Erik Huberman on How Busy Executives Can Find the Time to Write a Book – And Profit

Erik Huberman is the founder and CEO of Hawke Media, the highly successful marketing agency known as Your Outsourced CMO® that’s helped grow over 3,000 brands worldwide, and is valued at more than $150 million. His highly-anticipated first book, The Hawke Method, demonstrates that marketing is more than a numbers game: calculations for business growth and sustainability go far beyond systemic analysis.

#209 – Patrice Perkins on Uncovering Research Gems: Key Strategies for Authors and Ghostwriters

Patrice Perkins is an Army brat who lived in Germany, Hawaii, and other less exotic locales during her Dad’s illustrious 29-year Army career. At The Word Architect, Patrice’s proprietary Vibrant Listening Framework (VLF) distills the essence of your Brand Story Brilliance, then, she uses Strategy as a Service to craft compelling content to engage your audience on an emotional level. The result? Your Brand is elevated through exquisite writing.

#208 – Michael Levin on Unveiling the Art of Ghostwriting: Insights From a Seasoned Book Strategist – Part 2

Michael Levin built up his first ghostwriting business, BusinessGhost, into the world’s most prolific ghostwriting company and sold it in 2018. Now, he focuses on ghostwriting for a small number of elite clients worldwide. He’s appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank; on the BBC and FoxNews; in Inc., Forbes, and Bloomberg/Business; and many others. Michael is deeply honored that Jay Abraham, the world renowned marketing authority, calls him “The Master of the Business Fable.”

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